Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh i forgot something!!

rats, i forgot to tell you guys about something really awesome. i've made a little bet with myself that by this time next year, my blog will have become almost as popular as The Style Rookie, by Tavi (READ HER BLOG, google it cus it is soooooo flippin frickin amazing. and yes, i did just say flippin frickin.) i plan on doing this by creating a sort of web of advertising... while i've been here at school i've showed my blog to several people and asked each of them to show it to their friends... hopefully this will create a domino effect with each person telling another person.

one person in particular, my-awesome-possum-fashion-designer-bff Kiera, will really be helpin me out... we have a sort of agreement where i advertise her blog, she advertises mine and in the end we all win...

fingers crossed people, this blog WILL become successful
xxoo alexandra

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