Thursday, August 12, 2010

day 39

i cannot believe that i thought yesterday was crazy busy because if yesterday was chaotic than today was simply unbelievable. honestly i dont think i've ever been so frazzled...

today was the day where we finished fitting our models, decided on hair and make-up, and practiced walking the runway... to top off our busy schedule there was a huge amount of people... with teachers, models, designers, and extras we had more than 35 people running around.

just imagine a small room filled to the brim with people, each one yelling to another, carrying things around, pushing mannequins every-which direction, pinning up dresses, looking for lost shoes, and practicing their runway walk. that description doesn't even cover half of what went on today....

i am so tired i can barely write any more... im sure that this writing is really bland and that when i read what i wrote tommorrow i'll be annoyed with myself, but whatever. stay tuned for tommorrows FASHION SHOW POST.

night night yall
xoxo alexandra

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