Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Addicted Its A Crisis.

Oh god. Just as I hit 'Publish Post' I lost my internet connection and now have to re-type everything!! **shakes angrily fist at sky** Why me?!?!

Anyways, here it all is. Again. I'm so sorry for not posting in such a long while, things have been crazy. My new project that I'm working on is turning a small building on our property into my new sewing/work space. I'm painting it and everything; you'd be so proud... Before and after photos will be posted as soon as I finish (if I ever finish that is...).

I recently went on a shopping trip (what else is new, right?) and got some things I know a lot of you will like (you'll actually love them due to their extreme cuteness). Thought I'd post what I bought with some things I already had.


  • Bought this lovely lace dress on sale at a small store near my home for $20. I later found it on for $44.50 so hooray for secret discounts!!
  • I already owned these (translucent, lavender rims with lavender lenses)... They were in-expensive and if you like them I'm sure you could find them almost anywhere.
  • This vintage tortoise-shell butterfly comb was my Grandmothers. I love it and wear it every chance I get. If you like it, I'm sure you could pull a DIY and hot-glue any butterfly or flower piece to an old comb. It would still have the desired effect, don't worry :)

Alrighty then, hope these all gave you some ideas! Tomorrow I'm going to review a new mascara I bought so get ready for some awesome-ness.

As always,

xoxo Alexandra