Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Somewhere Only We Know..

All of the days have blended into one. Today is October 6th, which means I have officially missed 25 days of school. Technically, since I've graduated, I haven't missed any school at all but with all my friends there every day, it sort of feels like I'm skipping school. Thats the price I pay for graduating early I guess.

Don't get me wrong, being out of school is a blast! Wow did I really just say 'blast?' I'm losing it I tell you. All this isolation is getting to me. ***WILSON! WWWIIIILLLSSSOOOONNN!!!!***
Sorry, that was my pathetic attempt at a Castaway reference... Note to self: Don't try to be funny. Despite my lack of activities, I have actually accomplished one major thing. I finallyr re-decorated that building I was telling you about.
The before pictures:

Pretty vanilla, yes? Here are the after pictures:

As you can tell, I've turned it into my space. That picture wall is my favorite part... Theres pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga outfits, Vogue shoots (Marion Cotillard in particular... she kind of makes me want to die of jealousy. Just saying.), and tons of other random clippings.

On a more serious note, at the top of the picture wall is a picture of Alexander McQueen and the word, 'Artist.' Honestly though, the simple title of 'artist' doesn't even begin to describe what he did. I felt that in my designing space, I absolutley, totally, 100% needed to pay homage to Alexander McQueen. I miss him all the time and will never forget the contributions he made to my world.

xoxo Alexandra

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Addicted Its A Crisis.

Oh god. Just as I hit 'Publish Post' I lost my internet connection and now have to re-type everything!! **shakes angrily fist at sky** Why me?!?!

Anyways, here it all is. Again. I'm so sorry for not posting in such a long while, things have been crazy. My new project that I'm working on is turning a small building on our property into my new sewing/work space. I'm painting it and everything; you'd be so proud... Before and after photos will be posted as soon as I finish (if I ever finish that is...).

I recently went on a shopping trip (what else is new, right?) and got some things I know a lot of you will like (you'll actually love them due to their extreme cuteness). Thought I'd post what I bought with some things I already had.


  • Bought this lovely lace dress on sale at a small store near my home for $20. I later found it on delias.com for $44.50 so hooray for secret discounts!!
  • I already owned these (translucent, lavender rims with lavender lenses)... They were in-expensive and if you like them I'm sure you could find them almost anywhere.
  • This vintage tortoise-shell butterfly comb was my Grandmothers. I love it and wear it every chance I get. If you like it, I'm sure you could pull a DIY and hot-glue any butterfly or flower piece to an old comb. It would still have the desired effect, don't worry :)

Alrighty then, hope these all gave you some ideas! Tomorrow I'm going to review a new mascara I bought so get ready for some awesome-ness.

As always,

xoxo Alexandra

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Anonymous...

All day I've been trying to figure out what to write about... I had all these ideas and I even made a list (I know, I'm a dork) but when I sat down and signed on, I noticed that I had a new comment on my most recent post. Someone who wished to remain anonymous asked me, "what inspires ur fashion sense?" Well Miss Anonymous (or Mr. Anonymous) heres all the things that influence my sense of style....

Audrey Hepburn, Italy, Ghost World, the 1920s, flappers, Lady Gaga, Arabian horses, black and white films, Broadway, Cary Grant, Adam (the movie), gerbera daisies, Paris, trench coats, clocks, macaroons, empty notebooks, The Smiths, James Bond, big floppy beach hats, Pretty Woman, GiGi (the movie), the list goes on and on and on....

Hahah I just realized that was more or less a list of my most favorite things... I guess that doesn't really matter though because all of them definetley influenced who I am today and therefore influenced the way I dress... Hope that helps Anonymous :)

xoxo Alexandra

(from one of my favorite books: "My Wonderful World of Fashion" by Nina Chakrabarti)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New School-bags, New Pencils, NEW STYLE.

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Four different seasons with four very different styles of dress... This current cycle of the seasons brought lace and patterned textiles to spring and stripes and the warrior look to summer. Now, with back-to-school upon us, all we can do is prepare our wardrobes for the impending change of style that comes with the return of autumn.

In order to help you prepare your own dressers and closets for this 'changing of the clothes,' I've compiled a list of things to look out for during your next trip to the mall. I found this list on style.com but all of their examples were from Marc Jacobs, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. I don't know about you, but I cannot yet afford to shop from all of those designers... I can however provide a less expensive alternative to each piece style.com suggested...

Alexandra's Super Awesome List of Fall 2010 Trends:
  • College Sweatshirts- Forever 21, $19.80

  • Pleated Skirts- Forever 21, $19.80

  • Nautical Themed Anything- Forever 21, $19.80

  • Peacoats- Fred Flare, $68
  • Loafers- J.Crew, $120

  • Military Styled Anything- Forever 21, $19.80

  • Schoolboy Blazers- Fred Flare, $64
  • Jackets with Fur (sorry PETA) **Fur is very popular on the runways right now** - Fred Flare, $108

  • Shoulder Bags- Forever 21, $25.80

I just would like to take a sec here and credit my sources- Thank you ever so much style.com for the info, Forever 21, Fred Flare, and J.Crew for the pics.

And there you have it. Hope that all helps...

xoxo Alexandra

Friday, August 20, 2010

Out with the old and in with The New.

If anyone reading this is familiar with Christian Dior, you more than likely have heard of his 'New Look.' For those of you who have not, 'The New Look' was a revolutionary silhouette (or shape) that came from Dior's 1947 Sping/Summer collection. The 'New Look' entailed a large bust, very thin waist, and full mid-calf skirt.

(this picture is from mariabuskez.com. it is not mine. i do not take any credit for it.)

This new style was extremley popular and influenced most designeres all over the world. Aside from bringing fame to Dior himself, the strong silhouette also brought Paris to the highest heights of the fashion world.

In the above paragraph I said that The New Look was extremley popular but I should have said that it currently is popular. The Fall 2010 runway shows have had many themes in common however, one in particular is the return of the ever-amazing New Look. And let me say, thank God. I love the fifties and I love Dior so the rebirth of this style (which never really went away if you ask me...) makes me feel like Christmas came early.

(i do not take credit for any of these pictures. as much as i wish i could have been there to take them, they are from style.com. in order from top to bottom the designers are as follows: Catcheral, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi)

Even though I'm very anti-trend and wish that people would simply wear something because they adore it rather than because they want others to adore it, I am in love with the fities influence in these designers fall collections. If you really want to be "trendy" (or as my aunt likes to say "with It") then I suggest you go out and buy yourself some kind of full skirt, a new loooong coat, and for you men, a polo shirt or two. Hello Mr. Fities-Decade, welcome to 2010.

xoxo alexandra

Trucks and Myself

Alrighty heres my little story for today: When I was four my preschool put on some little show or something. When I was on stage my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I 'grew up.' According to my parents and our nineties camcorder, my response was as follows, word-for-word, "I want to be a truck so that I can turn on my lights and drive." At the time I probably seemed like some weird child nutcase. Even though we still laugh about it today, I think this quote perfectly symbolizes how I am now going to deal with this blog.

For the past few weeks I've been posting what I think Tavi would post, I've been writing what I think others would write, and I've been treating my blog as if it deserves to be read. I now realize that if I want anyone to actually read this blog, than I need to write for myself. I need to be the random kid who wants to be a truck instead of a nurse or lawyer.

I know I've said this before, but now I actually am changing this blog up. Don't worry, its still going to be about fashion but instead of trying to focus on one thing in particular, I am going to make this blog as scattered and as random as actual life. I write because it helps me understand myself. If others enjoy what I write, that would just be an added bonus. If you read all this, youre very paitent and also pretty awesome :)

xoxo alexandra

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Hate Having to Think of a Title for My Entries.

Oh boy. Everyone, I am troubled... I know I sound dramtaic, and lets face it- I am, but I really do have somewhat of an issue. As you may or may not have noticed, I have been struggling with this fledgling of a blog. Should I write about my day? Shoul I write about good outfits? Who knows...? Certainly not me... I keep switching and it is so pull-your-hair-out-while-biting-your-nails-at-the-same-time frusturating. Honestly, I have no idea what to dedicate this blog to.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think I'm a bit of a follower. I've always thought of myself as different and somewhat unique. However, I am starting to see that I'm more a sheep than a shepherd. Woah, that was a killer analogy. I guess what I mean is that I've been trying to make this blog as amazing as all of the most popular ones. In doing so, I've lost track of what I want to write about and have started to mimic what I see around me...

I am definetley nothing special right now. For these past few weeks I've somehow convinced myself that I am the next Tavi Gevinson. I've been so blinded by her extreme and amazing success that I've failed to realize that she not only has a strong and clear purpose but that she also has been building her blog for multiple years. I guess I just thought that I would be the one exception to the 'Rome was not built in a day' rule. Woe is me.

If you have any ideas or comments please help me out. I feel like I'm writing with no purpose, to no one in particular, and without any idea what to do. I know I just complained a lot but it needed to be done.

xoxo alexandra blahhhhhh