Sunday, August 22, 2010

New School-bags, New Pencils, NEW STYLE.

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Four different seasons with four very different styles of dress... This current cycle of the seasons brought lace and patterned textiles to spring and stripes and the warrior look to summer. Now, with back-to-school upon us, all we can do is prepare our wardrobes for the impending change of style that comes with the return of autumn.

In order to help you prepare your own dressers and closets for this 'changing of the clothes,' I've compiled a list of things to look out for during your next trip to the mall. I found this list on but all of their examples were from Marc Jacobs, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. I don't know about you, but I cannot yet afford to shop from all of those designers... I can however provide a less expensive alternative to each piece suggested...

Alexandra's Super Awesome List of Fall 2010 Trends:
  • College Sweatshirts- Forever 21, $19.80

  • Pleated Skirts- Forever 21, $19.80

  • Nautical Themed Anything- Forever 21, $19.80

  • Peacoats- Fred Flare, $68
  • Loafers- J.Crew, $120

  • Military Styled Anything- Forever 21, $19.80

  • Schoolboy Blazers- Fred Flare, $64
  • Jackets with Fur (sorry PETA) **Fur is very popular on the runways right now** - Fred Flare, $108

  • Shoulder Bags- Forever 21, $25.80

I just would like to take a sec here and credit my sources- Thank you ever so much for the info, Forever 21, Fred Flare, and J.Crew for the pics.

And there you have it. Hope that all helps...

xoxo Alexandra


  1. I WANT those loafers! Why can't they be cheaper?!

  2. what inspires ur fashion sense?

  3. What inspires my fashion sense?? Hmm, thats a tough one... If youll wait a little while I'm just about to start my next post- I'll answer your question there :)


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