Tuesday, August 10, 2010

day 37 blaah blaah boring

hey there!! okay so this is my last week here at school and although i'm excited to go home, i'm really going to miss it here :( this last week doesn't really give me much time for sadness though, it is craaazy busy! friday is our fashion show and between now and then i have to finish a cocktail hat, a jewelry set (necklace, bracelet, earrings), a pair of skinny jeans, and organize my portfolio for display. on top of all that i also have to help organize the show (plan hair and makeup, styling etc.). luckily we've already figured out the model situation so i can cross that off the list... ill keep yall updated on how this week goes and then expect a majorly long post on friday because i have a five hour drive home hahah plennnnnty of writing time ;)

so despite the amount of work i have had to do, today was a super slow day... i think its just the class that i've been taking. this design program was organized by weeks and topics.
week 1: figure drawing and actual clothing design (sketching techniques)
week 2: graphic design (photoshop)
week 3: garment construction
week 4: garment construction (continued)
week 5: accessories
week 6: accessories/fashion show production
last week and half of this week has been accessories... dont get me wrong, i love most of what we've made and i adore accessories in general however, our teacher's teaching style is not to my liking (to put it nicely). i just don't really agree with her on a lot and that makes it very difficult for me to work... everyday has felt very long and very monotonous in this accessories section... blaaahhhhhh :/ my favorite part of today was tonight when i went to the gym (<3),>great workout, had a fantastic time.

well anyways, sorry this post was kind of boring, ill try to spice it up tomorrow ;)
xxoo alexandra

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