Wednesday, August 11, 2010

day 38: chaos ahhh

haay everyone. so as the post title suggests, today was totally hectic and chaotic and crazy. it was madness MADNESS I TELL YOU. hhahah but seriously it really was insane. our fashion show is on friday and we still have tons to do... there wasn't one minute today where i had nothing to do... if i wasnt sewing i was putting together a look for the show, if i wasn't doing that i was picking music for the runway, if i wasn't doing that i was arguing over the order of the pieces for the runway... there was always something to do and i really didn't stop to think about it till the day was over. at first i was like 'oh geez, that was stressful' but then about three minutes into doing nothing and resting i thought 'what can i do now to get ahead? what can i work on?' it kind of gave me this awesome high where all i wanted was to keep working... it was a great feeling, kind of hard to explain, but great all the same.

aside from all the design and sewing techniques, im learning one major thing; there will always be someone who is against what you do. it feels like no matter what i made someone always had something negative to say about it. at, not gonna lie, it was insulting. i took the criticism personally and for the first few days i was kind of angry. then one day i realized, 'these are my designs and i'm happy with them.' yes, my teacher is always saying, 'you aren't dsigning for yourself; youre designing for your boss and client' but honestly, i disagree.

of course if my boss asks me to design something in keeping with a certain trend, i will totally follow his or her orders. i will not, however, abandon my own personal style. no matter what trend or technique my 'boss' asks me to use, i will always include some ideas of my own. if my 'boss' doesn't like it, than i guess i'd have to find a new job. this is how i will always be, im stubborn, deal with it :P

anyways, i'm exxxxxhausted so im gonna go catch some serious zzzs... i'll catch up with you tomorrow, byeeee <3
xoxo alexandra

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