Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Leaf

Hey everyone! So I posted a question on yahoo answers asking how I could improve this here blog... These were the overall responses: proper grammar, more pictures, better background, more mature, do's and dont's of fashion... I totally agree. I read through some of my past posts and thought to myself, 'Ohmygosh you sound like a 13 year old dweeb. Self, its time to change.'
So here I am. I'm changing. From now on its going to be a lot less wordy and a whole lot more awesome :P Dont worry though, I won't lose my 'sparkling personality' (as someone said and you know who you are), it will still be the same old me but I'll just be more appealing to all you readers out there (I have sooooo many, I know)...

xoxo alexandra

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