Saturday, July 31, 2010

day 2666666666. jk only day 26.

alright so today was officially the most boring, bite-your-nails-just-so-you-have-something-to-do day ever. ever.

this was my schedule.
1) wake up at ten am
2) fall asleep at ten o'one am
3) re-wake up at elevenish
4) eat breakfast lunch (technically brunch i guess)
5) watch movies on laptop
6) go to library and sit at desk where i proceeded to watch different movies on laptop
7) back to room, clean-up a bit... (clean-up is new code word for nap bt dubs)
8) go to dinner where i ate the same thing i had for brunch (hehe i love saying brunch... i feel so fancaaaay)
9) go back to room where i actually did clean up for real
10) napped again
11) went to second floor lounge to watch The Matrix (hell to the yeah!!)
12) currently still in lounge

i'm now watching one of my most favorite movies ever, Runaway Bride!! it is soooo good! i feel so sappy when i say that but it really is <3 come on, that thing with the eggs? sooo cuute. my actual fav movie is without a doubt Pretty Woman. if you havn't seen it, youre lame. wanna stop being lame? go watch Pretty Woman. there. problem solved.

okaaaay well there ya go. thats my day, pretty boring i know. if you want to liven up my future days, comment!! give me things to write about so i don't just sit here for days on end writing about the bland, vanilla days of my life (hahha like that show, days of our lives). nah my lifes not really that boring, actually kind of exciting but still i want to know that somebody is reading these. so seriously, puh-lease comment and tell your friends about this.

wow i sound so desperate. also, i love those jimmy dean commercials.... just thought i'd share. going to see dinner with schmucks tomorrow with leah and kiera, ill letcha know how it goes!

xoxo alexandra

Friday, July 30, 2010

day 25- denim , fittings, and rangoooooon

hey everyone (and by everyone i mean all one of my readers) whats upppp.... okay so today in class we took a pair of jeans that we didnt use anymore and turned it into something else... im in the process of taking my torn pair of flaired sevens and turning them into skinnies with drawstrings on the outsides. i really like the idea and the sketch i made but im scared that i messed up the actual pants because i cut one leg too thin... hard to explain, but trust me, i have reason to be scared... i hope i didnt ruin them :((((

so today we had the models for the fashion show come in and try on the clothes they will be wearing. apparently its called a 'fitting.' look at me, im so professional ahhhhhh <3. hahah anyways everyone looked 'mad' good... it was so amazing to see someone actually wearing something i made, it felt awesome, kind of like im actually starting to make a dent in this whole fashion design thing. DROID. hahah sorry, love that commercial.

okay so houston, we have a problem. i have run out of ideas.... as you can see ive resorted to writing about my day... not very entertaining, i know and im sorry. give me ideas! if you see something that bothers you in your life, tell me by posting a comment and ill totally write about it... even if its something like narrrrsty crab rangoon or annoying magazines (, the seventeen post-- READ IT.) ill write about it. pinky promise.

oh that reminds me, everyone should read the girl who blogs, tavi, only just graduated middle school... she is soooo young!!! even though sometimes i dont agreee with what she says or i wouldnt wear an outfit she is wearing, i lurveeee her posts! she has such a unique opinion and always has something to say about everything. she also has a really interesting fashion sense and these days, when everyone dresses the same, shes like some sort of new icon... im excited to see what she does when shes older. and just a heads up, yall should feel the same about me... IM AN ICON. hahah jk :P

okey doke im gonna go watch criminal minds (its teh bestestttt) but ill definetley be back tomorrow kay? dont forget to go see American Woman (closes the 15th, yikes!!)

xoxo alexandra

Thursday, July 29, 2010

day 24: runway and ruffles

howdy everyone :) its the twenty fourth day here at school and right now im wondering who all watched project runway tonight? CAUSE I SURE DID. and let me just say, it was ah-mazing. god i love this show so much. after all these design classes ive taken, i have a new found respect for the designers... there are so many aspects of design and construction that i never even knew of... these past two weeks have been full of seams, serger machines, broken needles, and tapered darts to name a few. its essentially been a crash course in design and ive feel like its all happened so fast.... our work space (with the sewing machines and dress forms) is soo chaotic. thread is everywhere, there are stray pins all over the ground, and it looks like a muslin machine exploded. someone is always looking for an extra seam ripper or pair of pinking shears and there is always a rush to get a dress mannequin. at first glance, the room is a mess and it definetley took me a while to adjust. tomorrow is our last day of construction however and i now realize how much im going to miss all the disorder. its a really unique atmosphere with something always going on. i know that this blog entry is all scrambled but thats how this experience has been. ive learned that this is really what i want to do and that i love the chaos and the messiness and everything about it.

so far we've made two dresses. ive made a red seersucker dress with a drawstring neckline of white rope and a short, one shouldered muslin dress with a short goldish-colored train. i dont really like either of them that much, especially the first, but the second one is starting to grow on me. my favorite type of clothing to design is definetley evening/formal wear and i love anything with texture. i love ruffles and pleats, anything gathered, beading, intricate stitching.... i love it all...

i know that ive talked about it before but just a reminder, im graduating early. im really excited but im trying to solidify my plans... i know that im going to china for a few months and maybe indonesia/ireland but i dont know what im doing internship-wise. i have a few options but nothing garunteed yet. anyone have any ideas for me your bff???? help me please :)

xoxo alexandra

Sunday, July 25, 2010

andrew bolton is a god.

hayyy everyone :) okay i know, i havent been here for a while and im sorry... its just that there hasnt been a lot of time to write so ill try and fill you in now.

alrighty so you remember that i was taking design classes right? well anyways we all went to nyc to see the American Woman exhibit (at the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and to visit Barneys (<3). American Woman was incredible. it was so great that i wish i used the word 'incredible' less because that way the fact that im using it now would be special and would fully represent how i feel about this exhibit. yea i thought it was that great.

i went with seven other people and out of the eight of us, only two of us took notes... i was so surprised. like seriously, they claim to be interested in fashion and yet it took them a grand total of 10 minutes to get through the ENTIRE exhibit. hahah it took me and my other note-taking friend and hour and forty-five minutes... ya know how in museums they have those captions with the explanations for whats going on? well there were eight of those and i basically wrote all of them down word-for-word so that i wouldnt forget what they said hahaha... im so neurotic. anyways, i guess ill just summarize the exhibit for ya but if you really want the whole amazing experience, you have to go check it out for yourself ;)

essentially, American Woman was a journey through the fashion trends of the American woman from the 1800s to the present. it was divided into seven different archetypes some of which were the heiress, the Gibson girl, the flapper, and the screen siren. each of these archetypes filled a whole room with clothing from that time period. the clothing was so intricate and beautiful and i can safely say that i would wear almost everything i saw regardless of how long ago it was in style.

this incredible exhibit was put together by curator Andrew Bolton (who i would love to meet--- this man is brilliant!) with wigs designed and styled by Julien D'ys (the wigs he made for the 1920s flapper were out of this world).

anyways, i know i used way too many adjectives to describe this exhibit but they were necessary. if you are at all interested in fashion or design American Woman is a must-see. ya know what? i dont care if youre not interested in fashion, this exhibit is culturally relevent for every American and i really think that everyone should see it. hurry up though, it ends on August 15th!!

alrighty everyone, i have a floor meeting in eight minutes so i have to go but ill be back laytah with a post that will probably disgust you.

on that note ;) xoxo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bike man mystery

hello faithful readers... im not much into writing tonight but i will anyways cause i care so much about you all... :)

okay. so you all know that i have to ride the bus every morning... well other than seeing frank every day, i have noticed another man. he is on almost every day and is very distinct.

the first time i saw him was my first day of riding the bus. he loaded his bike onto the bike rack and got on the bus. he stood out because he kept changing seats... back to front, one side to the other.... this happened at least four times in five minutes. he was so fidgetity and look un-comfortable. he also kept muttering to himself with this odd smile on his face.

the next day he got on again, without his bike. other than the missing transportation,something about him looked different. i couldnt figure out what had changed but there was definetley something new...

the next day he got on, same thing; something was different only this time the bike was back.

this happened at least four more times until this morning when he was not on the bus at all. i was sad for a few minutes, after all, i had grown used to him being there, however i quickly forgot about him because for class we walked around down-town all day taking pictures. it was sooo much fun! we took pictures of people we thought looked interesting and asked them questions about what they thought 'having fashion' means. most people were helpful and nice but some were really mean. for instance a friend and i walked up to one older man in a bow tie and we both go, 'excuse me sir w-' but before he even heard what we had to say he just goes, 'no.' and walks away. it was really rude. whatever.

anyways, on our way back to the design building we had to walk through this little covered bus-station. as we were walking through i saw a bike that looked familiar. i couldn't place it but it looked like something i should recognize. all of a sudden, i noticed the man from the bus! i was shocked. i was even more shocked however, when i noticed that he was talking to... himself! not literally himself, but a man who i guess was his twin brother! i guess thats why when i saw him on the bus he kept getting fatter and thinner and sometimes had a bike and did not have a bike. it was so funny!

im looking forward to bus-watching them some more but i'm still aa little creeped out by them both because of the whole seat-switching-talking-to-himself thing....

wow, for someone who didnt want to write tonight, this sure was long post.

alright so next week we start garment construction so i promise that next-weeks comments will be more entertaining. stay cool.

xxoo alexandra

Monday, July 12, 2010

bus driver

okay so as i said, im taking design classes at a university this summer. in order to get from my super cool dorm to the design building, i have to take the bus. sounds normal enough, right? wrong. there are soooooooooooooooooo many interesting people who ride the bus seeing as its a public system and all. this makes it a perfect place for people-watchers like me to well, people watch.

i've been riding the bus this whole past week. i've observed the schedule and i've noticed that every monday, tuesday, and wednesday there is this one guy who always drops me off and picks me up. i dont know his name (and i'm too scared to ask) so in my head i just call him 'frank.'

i've only ever seen frank sitting of course, but he looks like, if he stood up, he'd be pretty darn tall. hes also rather thin. his shirt looks like its the smallest size but it still hangs off of him in places. i'm guessing that hes probably in his forties but he looks tired, like maybe he's sick of driving buses, so that adds a few years to his appearance. my favorite feature of frank's are his glasses. yes, you heard me, he has glasses. there not your average frames, their more like harry potters with really thick lenses. they make his eyes look huge and he has a really small head so it kind of makes him look like... a meep? i dont know what that is, but i think the word 'meep' adequatley describes frank.

above i said my favorite feature were his glasses but i change my mind; my favorite is his personality. he is SO nice. most people who get off don't say thank you or anything (how ruude! **uses stephanie tanner's voice**) but for the people who do, he always has a friendly response. for instance, i think he is starting to recognize that a friend and i ride his bus every morning and every afternoon. soooo, when we got on this afternoon he goes 'well hey there, AGAIN.' and then he had a good chuckle. he always says 'have a good day' as people get off and he always has a smile on his face. the funny thing that he does, however, is the voice he uses when he uses the bus announcement microphone. rather than using his normal voice and saying 'now approaching parker street' he goes 'NOWW aproaching paaaarrrrrrrkkkkeeerrrr sssstttrrreeeettt!!' hes a real hoot.

wow alrighty this was quite the long post but ill probably post something else later cus i may or may not have some news about an internship (yayyy!)

oh, one more thing. frank, if you ever read this, i appreciate you. people, appreciate your bus drivers and always be polite. i know im not your mother or something but seriously, no matter who you are, you're not above being courteous and kind.

xxoo alexandra

Sunday, July 11, 2010

alexandra has entered the building (the blog building that is, arent i clever??)

well here i am, a blog at last... whats that? you want to know a little bit about me? of course! thank you for asking :) **smiles sweetley** (is that how you spell sweetley?) hmm... im really into fashion, i think its a great form of self expression and allows you to tell a lot about a person. im taking summer fashion design classes at a college (which is where i am now, in mah awesome possum dorm) but im still techinally supposed to be in highschool (thats a whole other story that ill tell ya laytah). im also desperatley seeking some sort of fashion internship starting this september of 2010.

any internship ideas drop me a comment yo
xxoo alexandra