Sunday, July 11, 2010

alexandra has entered the building (the blog building that is, arent i clever??)

well here i am, a blog at last... whats that? you want to know a little bit about me? of course! thank you for asking :) **smiles sweetley** (is that how you spell sweetley?) hmm... im really into fashion, i think its a great form of self expression and allows you to tell a lot about a person. im taking summer fashion design classes at a college (which is where i am now, in mah awesome possum dorm) but im still techinally supposed to be in highschool (thats a whole other story that ill tell ya laytah). im also desperatley seeking some sort of fashion internship starting this september of 2010.

any internship ideas drop me a comment yo
xxoo alexandra


  1. alright, i guess i'll get the ball rolling with the whole comment thing...
    "wow alexandra, this is a superb blog! keep up the good work, you are really awesome and cool and i wish i was just like you"

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