Thursday, July 29, 2010

day 24: runway and ruffles

howdy everyone :) its the twenty fourth day here at school and right now im wondering who all watched project runway tonight? CAUSE I SURE DID. and let me just say, it was ah-mazing. god i love this show so much. after all these design classes ive taken, i have a new found respect for the designers... there are so many aspects of design and construction that i never even knew of... these past two weeks have been full of seams, serger machines, broken needles, and tapered darts to name a few. its essentially been a crash course in design and ive feel like its all happened so fast.... our work space (with the sewing machines and dress forms) is soo chaotic. thread is everywhere, there are stray pins all over the ground, and it looks like a muslin machine exploded. someone is always looking for an extra seam ripper or pair of pinking shears and there is always a rush to get a dress mannequin. at first glance, the room is a mess and it definetley took me a while to adjust. tomorrow is our last day of construction however and i now realize how much im going to miss all the disorder. its a really unique atmosphere with something always going on. i know that this blog entry is all scrambled but thats how this experience has been. ive learned that this is really what i want to do and that i love the chaos and the messiness and everything about it.

so far we've made two dresses. ive made a red seersucker dress with a drawstring neckline of white rope and a short, one shouldered muslin dress with a short goldish-colored train. i dont really like either of them that much, especially the first, but the second one is starting to grow on me. my favorite type of clothing to design is definetley evening/formal wear and i love anything with texture. i love ruffles and pleats, anything gathered, beading, intricate stitching.... i love it all...

i know that ive talked about it before but just a reminder, im graduating early. im really excited but im trying to solidify my plans... i know that im going to china for a few months and maybe indonesia/ireland but i dont know what im doing internship-wise. i have a few options but nothing garunteed yet. anyone have any ideas for me your bff???? help me please :)

xoxo alexandra

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