Sunday, July 25, 2010

andrew bolton is a god.

hayyy everyone :) okay i know, i havent been here for a while and im sorry... its just that there hasnt been a lot of time to write so ill try and fill you in now.

alrighty so you remember that i was taking design classes right? well anyways we all went to nyc to see the American Woman exhibit (at the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and to visit Barneys (<3). American Woman was incredible. it was so great that i wish i used the word 'incredible' less because that way the fact that im using it now would be special and would fully represent how i feel about this exhibit. yea i thought it was that great.

i went with seven other people and out of the eight of us, only two of us took notes... i was so surprised. like seriously, they claim to be interested in fashion and yet it took them a grand total of 10 minutes to get through the ENTIRE exhibit. hahah it took me and my other note-taking friend and hour and forty-five minutes... ya know how in museums they have those captions with the explanations for whats going on? well there were eight of those and i basically wrote all of them down word-for-word so that i wouldnt forget what they said hahaha... im so neurotic. anyways, i guess ill just summarize the exhibit for ya but if you really want the whole amazing experience, you have to go check it out for yourself ;)

essentially, American Woman was a journey through the fashion trends of the American woman from the 1800s to the present. it was divided into seven different archetypes some of which were the heiress, the Gibson girl, the flapper, and the screen siren. each of these archetypes filled a whole room with clothing from that time period. the clothing was so intricate and beautiful and i can safely say that i would wear almost everything i saw regardless of how long ago it was in style.

this incredible exhibit was put together by curator Andrew Bolton (who i would love to meet--- this man is brilliant!) with wigs designed and styled by Julien D'ys (the wigs he made for the 1920s flapper were out of this world).

anyways, i know i used way too many adjectives to describe this exhibit but they were necessary. if you are at all interested in fashion or design American Woman is a must-see. ya know what? i dont care if youre not interested in fashion, this exhibit is culturally relevent for every American and i really think that everyone should see it. hurry up though, it ends on August 15th!!

alrighty everyone, i have a floor meeting in eight minutes so i have to go but ill be back laytah with a post that will probably disgust you.

on that note ;) xoxo

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