Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bike man mystery

hello faithful readers... im not much into writing tonight but i will anyways cause i care so much about you all... :)

okay. so you all know that i have to ride the bus every morning... well other than seeing frank every day, i have noticed another man. he is on almost every day and is very distinct.

the first time i saw him was my first day of riding the bus. he loaded his bike onto the bike rack and got on the bus. he stood out because he kept changing seats... back to front, one side to the other.... this happened at least four times in five minutes. he was so fidgetity and look un-comfortable. he also kept muttering to himself with this odd smile on his face.

the next day he got on again, without his bike. other than the missing transportation,something about him looked different. i couldnt figure out what had changed but there was definetley something new...

the next day he got on, same thing; something was different only this time the bike was back.

this happened at least four more times until this morning when he was not on the bus at all. i was sad for a few minutes, after all, i had grown used to him being there, however i quickly forgot about him because for class we walked around down-town all day taking pictures. it was sooo much fun! we took pictures of people we thought looked interesting and asked them questions about what they thought 'having fashion' means. most people were helpful and nice but some were really mean. for instance a friend and i walked up to one older man in a bow tie and we both go, 'excuse me sir w-' but before he even heard what we had to say he just goes, 'no.' and walks away. it was really rude. whatever.

anyways, on our way back to the design building we had to walk through this little covered bus-station. as we were walking through i saw a bike that looked familiar. i couldn't place it but it looked like something i should recognize. all of a sudden, i noticed the man from the bus! i was shocked. i was even more shocked however, when i noticed that he was talking to... himself! not literally himself, but a man who i guess was his twin brother! i guess thats why when i saw him on the bus he kept getting fatter and thinner and sometimes had a bike and did not have a bike. it was so funny!

im looking forward to bus-watching them some more but i'm still aa little creeped out by them both because of the whole seat-switching-talking-to-himself thing....

wow, for someone who didnt want to write tonight, this sure was long post.

alright so next week we start garment construction so i promise that next-weeks comments will be more entertaining. stay cool.

xxoo alexandra

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