Saturday, July 31, 2010

day 2666666666. jk only day 26.

alright so today was officially the most boring, bite-your-nails-just-so-you-have-something-to-do day ever. ever.

this was my schedule.
1) wake up at ten am
2) fall asleep at ten o'one am
3) re-wake up at elevenish
4) eat breakfast lunch (technically brunch i guess)
5) watch movies on laptop
6) go to library and sit at desk where i proceeded to watch different movies on laptop
7) back to room, clean-up a bit... (clean-up is new code word for nap bt dubs)
8) go to dinner where i ate the same thing i had for brunch (hehe i love saying brunch... i feel so fancaaaay)
9) go back to room where i actually did clean up for real
10) napped again
11) went to second floor lounge to watch The Matrix (hell to the yeah!!)
12) currently still in lounge

i'm now watching one of my most favorite movies ever, Runaway Bride!! it is soooo good! i feel so sappy when i say that but it really is <3 come on, that thing with the eggs? sooo cuute. my actual fav movie is without a doubt Pretty Woman. if you havn't seen it, youre lame. wanna stop being lame? go watch Pretty Woman. there. problem solved.

okaaaay well there ya go. thats my day, pretty boring i know. if you want to liven up my future days, comment!! give me things to write about so i don't just sit here for days on end writing about the bland, vanilla days of my life (hahha like that show, days of our lives). nah my lifes not really that boring, actually kind of exciting but still i want to know that somebody is reading these. so seriously, puh-lease comment and tell your friends about this.

wow i sound so desperate. also, i love those jimmy dean commercials.... just thought i'd share. going to see dinner with schmucks tomorrow with leah and kiera, ill letcha know how it goes!

xoxo alexandra

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