Friday, July 30, 2010

day 25- denim , fittings, and rangoooooon

hey everyone (and by everyone i mean all one of my readers) whats upppp.... okay so today in class we took a pair of jeans that we didnt use anymore and turned it into something else... im in the process of taking my torn pair of flaired sevens and turning them into skinnies with drawstrings on the outsides. i really like the idea and the sketch i made but im scared that i messed up the actual pants because i cut one leg too thin... hard to explain, but trust me, i have reason to be scared... i hope i didnt ruin them :((((

so today we had the models for the fashion show come in and try on the clothes they will be wearing. apparently its called a 'fitting.' look at me, im so professional ahhhhhh <3. hahah anyways everyone looked 'mad' good... it was so amazing to see someone actually wearing something i made, it felt awesome, kind of like im actually starting to make a dent in this whole fashion design thing. DROID. hahah sorry, love that commercial.

okay so houston, we have a problem. i have run out of ideas.... as you can see ive resorted to writing about my day... not very entertaining, i know and im sorry. give me ideas! if you see something that bothers you in your life, tell me by posting a comment and ill totally write about it... even if its something like narrrrsty crab rangoon or annoying magazines (, the seventeen post-- READ IT.) ill write about it. pinky promise.

oh that reminds me, everyone should read the girl who blogs, tavi, only just graduated middle school... she is soooo young!!! even though sometimes i dont agreee with what she says or i wouldnt wear an outfit she is wearing, i lurveeee her posts! she has such a unique opinion and always has something to say about everything. she also has a really interesting fashion sense and these days, when everyone dresses the same, shes like some sort of new icon... im excited to see what she does when shes older. and just a heads up, yall should feel the same about me... IM AN ICON. hahah jk :P

okey doke im gonna go watch criminal minds (its teh bestestttt) but ill definetley be back tomorrow kay? dont forget to go see American Woman (closes the 15th, yikes!!)

xoxo alexandra

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