Monday, July 12, 2010

bus driver

okay so as i said, im taking design classes at a university this summer. in order to get from my super cool dorm to the design building, i have to take the bus. sounds normal enough, right? wrong. there are soooooooooooooooooo many interesting people who ride the bus seeing as its a public system and all. this makes it a perfect place for people-watchers like me to well, people watch.

i've been riding the bus this whole past week. i've observed the schedule and i've noticed that every monday, tuesday, and wednesday there is this one guy who always drops me off and picks me up. i dont know his name (and i'm too scared to ask) so in my head i just call him 'frank.'

i've only ever seen frank sitting of course, but he looks like, if he stood up, he'd be pretty darn tall. hes also rather thin. his shirt looks like its the smallest size but it still hangs off of him in places. i'm guessing that hes probably in his forties but he looks tired, like maybe he's sick of driving buses, so that adds a few years to his appearance. my favorite feature of frank's are his glasses. yes, you heard me, he has glasses. there not your average frames, their more like harry potters with really thick lenses. they make his eyes look huge and he has a really small head so it kind of makes him look like... a meep? i dont know what that is, but i think the word 'meep' adequatley describes frank.

above i said my favorite feature were his glasses but i change my mind; my favorite is his personality. he is SO nice. most people who get off don't say thank you or anything (how ruude! **uses stephanie tanner's voice**) but for the people who do, he always has a friendly response. for instance, i think he is starting to recognize that a friend and i ride his bus every morning and every afternoon. soooo, when we got on this afternoon he goes 'well hey there, AGAIN.' and then he had a good chuckle. he always says 'have a good day' as people get off and he always has a smile on his face. the funny thing that he does, however, is the voice he uses when he uses the bus announcement microphone. rather than using his normal voice and saying 'now approaching parker street' he goes 'NOWW aproaching paaaarrrrrrrkkkkeeerrrr sssstttrrreeeettt!!' hes a real hoot.

wow alrighty this was quite the long post but ill probably post something else later cus i may or may not have some news about an internship (yayyy!)

oh, one more thing. frank, if you ever read this, i appreciate you. people, appreciate your bus drivers and always be polite. i know im not your mother or something but seriously, no matter who you are, you're not above being courteous and kind.

xxoo alexandra

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