Sunday, August 15, 2010

the end

haaay guys!! sorry its been a few days since i last was on here but ive needed time to recover from friday hahaha jk. not really though, friday was crazy. heres the day:

it started off when i woke up at six to load all my stuff into the car. oh joy. i then rushed off to breakfast and then to my final class. hahah i call it class but it was to crazy to count as that... the fashion show was at one so basically from nine until twelve thirty all we did was rush around fitting models and doing hair and make up. i know it doesnt sound like much but we had twenty four models so multiply everything we had to do by 24 and it becomes a real miracle that we were ready by one...

i just want to give a big shot out to all our models- they were absolutley amazing and im so happy that i could to meet all of them and spend those few days with them :) :) :)

the show itself actually went pretty smoothly... i think one girl tripped a little and another forgot to pose at the end but other than that it went great! we left right after the show and had a looooong five or six hour drive home. luckily i didnt even notice the length because i slept the whole way :P we got home kinda late and had dinner, then i went to bed and slept for like thirteen hours hahaha

great story, huh? the summer started out a little rocky, not gonna lie, but in the end it was def a greaaaat experience. way awesome, loved it.

the next night after i got back was also awesome. i saw a few of my friends, kristen and lindsay, and we went to see 'eat pray love.' AMAZIIIING MOVIE. really was great. yall know how im takin this year off? well i mentioned to my parents that i may want to do a cultural immersion program in indonesia and now after seein that movie (where the main character goes to indonesia) i now want to even more!!!!! she went to italy, india, and indonesia (whoa all those begin with 'i,' just realized hahaha) and even though i wanted to go to all those places before, i have made a pact with myself to take the year off when im 26 (random i know but thats my plan) and go to those three countries. its going to be sick.

alright well i realize how completley scattered this post was and how crazy i must sound but sorry, i guess thoese 13 hours of sleep werent enough cus im still pretty tired. tomorrow im hanging out with shirley and jen so expect a post about that tomorroww

xoxo alexandra

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